Re: Happy Thorsday.What y'all got?

Date:2019-07-25 15:03:48
In Reply To:Happy Thorsday.What y'all got? by Chris F5

Arjen's Lost in the Real World album because Rutger Hauer plays the narrator. RIP Sir Etienne.

Continuing through Prince . . skipped over Batman for Grafitti Bridge. I'll get back to the Bat(DANCE!) soon enough

Heard the new Bewitcher album and the new Slough Feg. I think Slough Feg is just about to collapse. John's voice is . . losing power. Neat riffs as always. Recording is bad.
Bewitcher is fun if you don't think too long. Cool WASP cover on the single.

Really into dark Black and Death and Southern Rock outreaches for me.

You have to play A Farewell to Kings together with Hemispheres...

and I got an itch for Destruction
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