Happy Thorsday.What y'all got?

Author:Chris F5
Date:2019-07-25 08:07:55
Besides being on an Iron Maiden high from last week
(What a show)

Poets of the Fall-Ultraviolet
My girl got me into this when she was with me last week in Miami.
If you hate blatant 80s sugar pop avoid..
To my ears it's a really cool 80s pop sounding take on the softer side of our spectrum,some.cool Marillion like vibes at times with the keys.
Will be very interesting at Prog Power.

Psychotic Waltz-I pod mix
Speaking of Progpower...yeah..can't wait.

Helloween-Keeper part 1

Still holds up over 30 years later

Fastway- Waiting for the Roar.
As cheesy as the drums sound to me this still is my favorite from them

Rush-Caress of Steel
Their is a weird charm about this

Creationism: The belief that one incestuous family populated the Earth...TWICE

Miss Progpower USA 2015

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