What do you think, Nosferatwo? Are they funnier than the lyrics to Steel Panther's 'Gold Digging Whore'? (np)

Author:Casual Observer
Date:2019-07-09 04:12:35
In Reply To:Best lyrics in the history of heavy metal. Majestica - Above The Sky by Joe-×
FKA Reinxeed


Start with a D, then go to an F
The C will lead to G three more times
Then the verse is built before the chorus come
This time the bridge is different from before
Like something flying free
Guitars playing fast and the bass as well
With beats from the drum

I proclaimed:
Oh no, here it comes again
Can't remember when Chris failed to make this type of post before
Hold on, Tony's silence will never last
Insults in the past, they always seem to come again
Again and again, again and again, again

Cry out, to legions of the brave
Time again to save us from the alphas of the board
Ride out, keyboard warriors of the realm
Prince of Persia Pants is at the helm, sail across the sea of slights

Usual suspects and things, Itunes and kings
Dodgy punctuation and a failure to spell
Trucking overnight, unholy and not so bright
Called by the ding-a-ling of the bell

Bloodless fury fast ascending
Swinging wildly in a never-ending fight
Phantom menace free forever
Dick with ears, shining ever-bright

Peon Nights
Peon Nights
All right
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