Re: Cinderella is officially kaput(for those 2 people left who care)

Date:2019-07-06 04:18:21
Edited:2019-07-06 04:23:39
In Reply To:Cinderella is officially kaput(for those 2 people left who care) by Chris F5

Don't know what you go until it's gone I guess.
I remember that weird relaunch of Portrait Records by John Kolodner in 99 that was supposed to be RATT, maybe Poison?, Dokken?, And Cinderella.

Edit for Wikipedia- and in 1999, it was relaunched through Columbia Records as a hard-rock/metal label, signing Ratt, Cinderella, Great White, the Union Underground, and Mars Electric. In 2000, Iron Maiden signed with Portrait in conjunction with Columbia Records in the US. Finally, after trying so hard to keep it afloat, Portrait dissolved in 2002 after the US release of Iron Maiden's Rock in Rio album.

The only band to never complete an album was Cinderella, but they toured a bit.

Tom Keifer had a painful voice, but his writing skills were pretty good. Nobody thinks of the band as a bad joke of the era, unlike a good number of their peers
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