Re: Tate says "I am Queensryche". Is he right?

Date:2019-07-02 21:19:12
In Reply To:Re: Tate says "I am Queensryche". Is he right? by Mark
I have a friend who bought The Verdict and had to be told it was a different singer even after the fact.
Haha, wow. I don't even know what to say to that. Is this friend of yours deaf? Funny stuff. For those of us who remember Queensryche in their heydey, I think that this latest incarnation is simply passable stuff. I listened to The Verdict a few times and put it away. Too many original members missing at this point, I guess, but I wouldn't wish them back together anyway as they couldn't write anything worth a damn when Tate was still in the band. When they couldn't get OM:2 right I knew that was for sure over. I looked forward to nothing that came after that.

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