He is not right, and your opinion is wrong (nt)

Date:2019-07-01 21:15:37
In Reply To:Tate says "I am Queensryche". Is he right? by Nosferatwo
I’ve always viewed myself as Queensryche.

Now there is only the bass player (Eddie Jackson) and the rhythm guitar player (Michael Wilton) in the band. Everyone else is gone. I am Queensryche. It’s my voice on those albums and they’ll never be duplicated.
I'm truly shocked at how many people still care about Queensryche. Who else could be a disappointment for decades and still get so much attention from the people who were pissed off at them?

I will say, though, the record Tate is promoting is actually good.

*whispers* I like it more than any QR album.
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