Re: Tate says "I am Queensryche". Is he right?

Date:2019-07-01 20:51:48
Edited:2019-07-01 20:52:48
In Reply To:Tate says "I am Queensryche". Is he right? by Nosferatwo
Sure, he's right. He's a laughable class clown, who's right. He's right in the way that he wants to be right. A huge proportion of QR fans are legacy fans. People who liked and still remember their 80s stuff but don't care about the recent details of the band's history. These are mainstream rock radio-listeners who got into QR when they were commercially popular (as opposed to early fans who got into QR when they were on their way up, or younger people who got into them after their glory days were over), and this demographic segment is probably larger than the two segments in my parentheses. Most of this type of rock fan isn't much concerned with who the primary songwriter in a band is, or with who handles the business affairs. They care first and foremost about the voice coming out of the radio. The voice is the most easily identifiable defining component to any given band. To them, Tate is Queensryche.

I have a friend who bought The Verdict and had to be told it was a different singer even after the fact. It's either surprising, or not surprising depending on how you look at it, how many people are still finding this out.
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