Re: PMX2: Thorsday Soundoff

Author:Brian Taylor
Date:2019-06-29 06:15:18
In Reply To:Re: PMX2: Thorsday Soundoff by Michael Blevins
Heh. I listened to this yesterday, since we're playing with them at Atlas in August. Kind of a throwback record for them, I like it.

And yeah, the album's a big trip back to the summer of 2002 and listening to Searching for the Sun for the first time. Also the tenth time. And probably the thirtieth.

Bad summer, the summer of 2002, but it had a pretty great soundtrack.
I'm interested in what you think of this - their (now former, sadly) drummer was in Division for 11+ years.
The first spin didn't do a lot for me. It seemed very... generi-thrash. But it's grown on me with each successive spin and now what seemed just generic to me is starting to feel like a really solid, no-frills, well-executed throwback. Also, "Polluted Minds" kills.
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