Re: Been on a Solitude Aeturnus binge lately

Date:2019-06-19 07:59:44
In Reply To:Been on a Solitude Aeturnus binge lately by Rob.K
Most likely my fave melodic doom band with Through the Darkest Hour being my fave...They ended on abit of low with Alone but the other day i was playing Adiago and holy fuk....Forgot how amazing this lp is......
I liked Alone. Nice riffs, great vocal melodies. Not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but enjoyable enough to still get a spin, albeit rare.
My pal was down in Texas last month and hook up with John Perez at a record show and sadly there wont be another S>A lp....Appartently Rob Lowe is in no shape phyically or mentally
Any details on what's wrong with Lowe?
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