Re: Halford says only a gay man can front Priest. What?

Date:2019-06-12 06:16:23
In Reply To:Halford says only a gay man can front Priest. What? by Nosferatwo

"Though I will say, a straight man can't do my job."

I'm pretty sure Ripper's problem was that no one wanted him fronting the band, and the albums they put out didn't sound like the classic Priest, not that the band was lacking in sexual diversity.

I get singers having big egos, and Halford is pretty much irreplaceable, but I have no idea what he's talking about, unless he's trying to say no straight man would be able to sing "Turbo Lover".
He was saying it with a smile. In extension to the big impact his homosexuality has on the music he does. As a mostly straight man, I'm not making assumptions on understanding.
However, if he says that no straight man can duplicate his vocal performances, he'd probably still be right, but I'd prefer it if he re-phrased :-)
In conclusion: I'm not offended.
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