Baroness - Gold & Grey (streaming at NPR)

Date:2019-06-10 15:11:21

Can anyone actually make it through this?

I liked "Purple" a lot as a record, as long as I didn't have to listen to it. I'm getting the same thing from this one. Baroness is, to my ears, a more emotional version of Mastodon, and better at this sludgy rock than them. But holy fuck does this record, like the last one, sound like absolute shit.

I got about three songs in before I felt I was getting a migraine. It's obviously a choice on their part, but I don't know why they want to make their records sound worse than everyone else. They're even worse than "Death Magnetic" was. They wrote some good music that I'm never going to listen to again, because it hurts.

Call me when there's a remix.
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