Re: Metal Church - Blessing in Disguise : WTF?

Date:2019-06-08 00:19:40
In Reply To:Metal Church - Blessing in Disguise : WTF? by BumZen
Good band more or less.

But, what's their taxonomy? Are they Thrash Metal? Heavy Metal? Power Metal? Christian Metal (always a wonder given their name)?

They fit a lot of places, but throwing them on a family tree of essential metal categories is not that easy

For years I've had the idea that only the first two Metal Churches were worth it, and that this was the consensus. So I own those, but as either of them never really blew my mind, I only checked out a song or something from a few other albums. Meaning I apparently lived my life without realising the gaping hole of knowledge in my sorry existance.

After someone in here recently talked about Blessing as their favorite Metal Church. I decided to check it out properly, and I am floored!!!
In my defense, the first song, Fake Healer, isn't that great but from then on it's a freaking masterpiece, that I thoroughly enjoy.

So... why the fuck didn't anyone tell me how good Blessing in Disguise is?
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