Mayadome - Into the Great Big Nothing (etc.)

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2019-06-05 19:18:43
Does anyone have a tracklist for this unreleased third album? Teddy gave me a CDR of tracks long, long ago, but didn't give me any titles. I kinda doubt I have the whole album, anyway. One of the tracks is just their cover of Neue Regel for that Queensryche tribute on Siegen. I was able to identify one other song, "Santa Sangre," because they play it (and crucially, announce the title) on their also-unreleased live album, which I also have.

Barring that, maybe someone can pass on Teddy's current email address?

While I was poking around the interwebs in search of answers, I stumbled across this, a cover of Mayadome's "Wait A Minute" by a Mexican prog metal band. Neat!

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