Re: The end of iTunes?

Author:Troll's Hole
Date:2019-06-01 10:06:42
In Reply To:Re: The end of iTunes? by BenMech

The world keeps marching on, and it seems to be leaving those of us behind who don't use our phones for everything. It's hard to fathom even buying and streaming digital music on an actual computer is now too old-fashioned to matter.

Another era is ending, it seems.
The fuck are you on about? Itunes was the fucking anti christ. The worst software of all time in the entire world, ever, and I do not listen to music through my LG internet phone, except when on the rare occasion that I have to leave mom's basement and go outside for some reason.
The mac version was originally good. All the screwups were on the Windows versions. Then, Operating systems stopped mattering.
My absolute disgust for it was due to having to use for it transferring files to/from the iPad 1. And it made no god damn sense, they didn't even make it easy, no matter how many times that dreadful word "sync" was used. It was utterly hopeless. This is the #1 reason I'm super-anti Apple and would never buy another of their products ever again.

This was well archived in the pub, and now gone forever because you had to go call Nick a misogynist. I had to rewrite all of the above instead of providing a link. Hope it was worth it!
the TLDR point of the article is that Apple is breaking apart some of its monopoly, so Music and Podcasts and video (and applications?) won't be in the same place anymore.

That's all.
So they'll have an iMusic app, an iPodCast app, an iVideo app and so forth? Sounds like they actually might be working on making things even worse. Apple fans will love it no doubt!

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