Re: Friday new release addendum

Date:2019-05-31 19:12:27
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Last Crack - The Up Rising

Did you get your copy? I haven't heard anything.

labelhead Lil'Dave (Ellefson) says:
May 31st
Wanted to give...
Wanted to give everyone a little update! Last Crack The UP RISING is available today on all DIGITAL outlets! We also hit a minor snag last month when one of our pressing plants went out of business with absolutely no warning, and said they couldn't finish any of our projects.

We had to scramble and find a new pressing plant for several projects that were already nearing completion, and start the manufacturing process over from scratch. And we did, with very little disruption. But because of this the PHYSICAL street date on a few projects got affected and we had to make a few adjustments, and this was one of them. So the RETAIL street date for The Up Rising is now June 14th. The CDs are now in stock, just in time for the band's CD release tonight in Madison, but pre-orders etc are a little behind in going out, (same with a few other current releases) and it will be available at retail everywhere June 14th.

We do everything we can to get everything done and out and coordinate a billion moving parts on this stuff, sometimes the clock wins. But thank everyone for their patience and understanding.
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