Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff 5/30/19

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2019-05-30 18:29:13
In Reply To:PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff 5/30/19 by von
Yeah, it matters
It does!
Overlord SR (aka Overlorde) - Still Alive and Standing
They were the only main stage band I didn't see at Legions. How were they?
Attila - Rolling Thunder
How is that reissue? I have the one on Cult Metal Classics from a decade ago, but it seems like it's only barely more than a bootleg.

My shiz:

Mystic Force - Take Command. Inspired by Eternal Champion. Mystic Force was the fucking best.

Team Me - Blind as Night, "Blurry Precise", "The Future In Your Eyes". Another new tune! Woot!

Riverside - Second Life Syndrome. I only had a cardboard promo of this album, but after I saw them a few weeks ago, I decided to correct that. I have, I think, everything they released through Anno Domini High Definition, which seems like a good cutoff.

Icarus Witch - Goodbye Cruel World. Their best in a while. Andrew D'Cagna is a great fit for the band, and I'm glad they veered away from the modern AOR sounds of Rise.

Jolly - Family. Still digging it. I hope they play around here sometime.

Flotsam and Jetsam - NPfD Preprod demos, When the Storm Comes Down. In 2001, Michael Spencer, the guy who replaced Jason Newstead and who was replaced by Troy Gregory before recording an album, sold a CDR of No Place for Disgrace demos, and a soundboard bootleg of a 1987 show recorded at the Hammerstein Odeon. They were pricey, as I recall, but I bought them anyway. Worth it! The demos disc includes three or four songs the band NEVER re-recorded, so it's as close to a lost classic F&J disc as can be imagined. Spencer wrote more than a few songs for that album, as can be seen in the credits on the commercial album. I'm guessing he also contributed to the songs that didn't make the album. The sound quality is great, and this is a rarity I treasure. Then I spun Storm, which I almost never listen to, because when I saw the band last week, they played "Suffer the Masses", which is not typically a part of their live set anymore. They also played "Smoked Out," but I think I'll pass on a play of Drift.

Necronomicon - Apocalyptic Nightmares. Another cheap find. This is the Battle Cry Records reissue. Not the greatest band, but worth $5.

Event - Scratching at the Surface. When I realized last week that I was missing an Event album, I decided to rectify the situation. The discogs seller from whom I bought it wrote me a nice and fairly long letter, longhand. It was like the old tape trading days! Also, a little strange. But, whatever floats yet boat! I wrote a letter back, also longhand. It made me feel young and old at the same time. That said, this album isn't very enjoyable. It's basically like the second Event album, but I guess without the nostalgia that tints my view of their earlier stuff, Event's unpopular-with-everyone modern rock just doesn't do much for me.

Mania [Houston] - No Lullabies. This is the best of the bunch from the Recer Records boots (which also included Sacred Few and ESP, but I already own the ESP album reissued on Heaven and Hell, and I haven't gotten to Sacred Few yet, but I'm looking forward to it, as I'm mildly obsessed with metal bands whose name starts with Sacred. There are a lot of them!) This Mania (not to be confused with the German band) played that borderline hair/power metal that was pretty typical in the mid 80s. They're like a cross between Seduce and Lizzy Borden. It's only six or seven songs, but they're all really good, and the singer is a lot of ball-squeezing fun.

Gilgamesj - Take One. This is the only EP this Dutch band released on their own. Otherwise, they were on some comps, and did some demos, and that's it. Very solid HR/HM typical of the Dutch scene in the mid 80s.

Sacrafice - The First Encounter with the Unknown. Yeah, that's how they spelled the name. This one really sucks. Mediocre US power with a supershitty singer. Thankfully only four songs.

Probe - We Come in Peace. I picked up a couple Hard N Heavy Rarities boots on Racer Records from a vendor at MDF. I love these things. They usually collect two or three LPs/EPs from pretty fucking obscure metal bands of the early to mid 80s. The sound reproduction often leaves a lot to be desired. The bands themselves often leave even more to be desired. But time I did pretty well. Probe is a Canadian band that only released this one EP in 84. So they're basically the Canadian equivalent of 3rd Stage Alert, ha ha!

Viper - Theatre of Fate, Coma Rage. I picked up Coma at MDF for next to nothing. I knew it was bad, but I guess I forgot just how bad. Even worse, now I own all of the Viper albums except their pop album, Tem pra todo mundo, and that more or less means my CCD (Compulsive Collector Disorder) will force me to shell out for that shitty disc. So yeah, then I washed the taste out of my ears with the good Viper album.

Crionic - Different. Czech tech thrash. Good shit.

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