I'd never would go on a date with her... (np)

Date:2019-05-29 16:35:38
In Reply To:What metal bands would Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez be into? by Casual Observer
Ok. Let me set the scene for you. On account of your SJW credentials, you score a hot date with the very attractive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Of course, you've lined up dinner at a cheap restaurant in a very ethnic part of the city. You know the type: one that sources produce from community gardens and has kitchen staff with questionable hygiene standards.

You are certain the topic of music will come up in the after dinner conversation after you've explored all the ways that the wealth of the rich can be confiscated for redistribution to the underprivileged and you realize you can't be true to yourself if you deny an interest in heavy metal.

However, you realize that expressing a love for any metal band steeped in misogyny, sexism, violence or satanism is unlikely to result in you getting the hands-on opportunity to determine if those rather fulsome cans of hers are real or not.

You therefore need to introduce her to a metal band that breaks down the typically dumb stereotypes that normal people associate with the term 'heavy metal'. Playing Motorhead's 'Eat the Rich' isn't going to cut it. You want a band with a social conscience. One that will appeal to her ideals.

Which band do you pick and why?
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