Date:2019-05-15 17:26:42
In Reply To:Re: by von
Schenker played an hour away from me on one of these nights (the night of the 2nd show) but I have a personal policy about seeing bands I've seen before: it has to be as easy or easier to see them later times. The Schenker Fest show I saw here last spring was fantastic, but it was right here in the city, so I didn't want to then drive an hour to see the same thing I had been able to see locally. I do wonder what kind of crowd they drew in that more remote location though.

A friend of mine who went to two of my listed shows with me is super excited about going to Priest-Heep next weekend. I'll miss that unfortunately but I have seen both Priest and Heep before, so it's not that upsetting. I don't know if I'll ever get to see Impelliteri though :(

Cirith should just hire you to be their hype man at this point :) or at least hook you up with free entry.
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