Date:2019-05-15 16:53:59
In Reply To:Successfully went to seven shows in six days by Mark
Mark proclaimed:
Making it a new personal record for consecutive attendance, the previous being six shows in six days which I did last spring. Here's the roundup, which started last Thursday and ended yesterday.
Good shit, man. That's how you do it. You don't get old by refusing to get old\,,/

Negative Approach
Niiiiiiiiiccccce. They played here same night as Schenker, unfortunately, and I wasn't missing Graham Bonnet:)

Meshuggah + the Black Dahlia Murder. I was right up in front for this and whoa man did it smell bad. One of the worst-smelling shows/crowds of recent memory.
Oh, man, hahaha, I can imagine, at that show:) B.O. and farts, I bet. The Decibel Fest in Philly last month, I must've had a target on me somewhere, cause there was a cloud of farts following us around::ralph::

I just saw Schenker fest in the City, Priest/Heep last night in Huntington, NY (want to come up again tonight, it's about 50 mile drive from me - which in NY Cross-Bronx traffic means 2 hours there, 1 hour back, hahaha,- but the damn floor tickets are all fucking gone,) Impellitteri 15 minutes from my house tomorrow, and Friday at dawn flying to Chicago for the Legions of Metal weekend (OK, who am I kidding, actually just for Cirith Ungol:D), then it's Flotsam/Attacker in NJ next week.
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