Re: Successfully went to seven shows in six days

Date:2019-05-15 16:52:04
In Reply To:Successfully went to seven shows in six days by Mark
Making it a new personal record for consecutive attendance, the previous being six shows in six days which I did last spring. Here's the roundup, which started last Thursday and ended yesterday.

1. Eyehategod + Negative Approach + Sheer Terror. This was a good excuse to finally see Negative Approach after whiffing on lots of opportunities for no good reason. I felt obligated to see a seminal Michigan band at least once, and I'm glad I did. John Brannon may be old, but he acts exactly like I would expect him to. Rowdy crowd and lots of funny banter from Paul Bearer too. Third time seeing Eyehategod, although maybe it should be 2.5 times since the previous time I had to leave partway into their set.

2. No Warning. Their first album Ill Blood from 2002 was one of the most popular hardcore albums of that year and IMO holds up as one of the best albums from that decade. I saw them opening for the Cro-Mags during this time. They were picked up by a major label and touted as "the next Hatebreed" in 2003, which of course didn't happen. After being broken up for 15 years they came back with a pretty good new album and are playing shows again. This was probably the worst show of the stretch although not bad by any means.

3. Two shows in one day. Afternoon show: Professor Elemental. A British chap-hopper (steampunk bourgeois rap by snooty Brits who wear 3-piece suits on a daily basis). Entertaining fellow with some good-humored Brexit commentary mixed in.

4. Night show: Overkill & Death Angel. Is Blitz evolving into the Mick Jagger of thrash or what?

5. Riverside. Easily the best show musically. Two-hour headline set to a surprisingly robust crowd. I was dead on my feet by the end but got my money's worth. The opening band was a meh two-piece who sounded a little bit like Death.

6. Alien Weaponry. Fresh off of playing to 10,000+ people at Epicenter festival they came to Boston and played to about 75 people in a small room - and had blast doing it. These kids are half my age and kicking twice as much ass. I bought a t-shirt from a woman who I'm pretty sure is their mom.

7. Meshuggah + the Black Dahlia Murder. I was right up in front for this and whoa man did it smell bad. One of the worst-smelling shows/crowds of recent memory. I'll be in the back next time. Good on Meshuggah for drawing a bigger crowd headlining than when they played the same venue opening for Megadeth.
These aren’t all bands I’m into but you’re a warrior for making all these
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