Re: I was saddened to hear this...

Date:2019-05-14 14:28:54
Edited:2019-05-14 14:29:20
In Reply To:I was saddened to hear this... by Michael Blevins
Views:98 he was a good dude when we socialized. Far too young.
I know. Paul was a good dude. I knew him for over 20 years and I hung out with him a lot back in the day and even helped him write some songs for the next Dark Arena album he was going to come out with which is obviously never going to be finished. I’m good friends with Krusty.....he along with a lot of us aren’t taking this well

Paul had an interesting playing style especially his rhythms. Reminded me of Watchtower in many places which was a favorite band of his and he is how I learned of them. He was a big fan of these guys.
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