Re: 'Surprise' releases: Yay or nay?

Date:2019-05-10 19:36:25
In Reply To:Re: 'Surprise' releases: Yay or nay? by John Frank
Most albums are surprises to me. I often do not even know they are being released until I see them on a blog. I almost never check out singles prior to release. I listen to way too much music to carefully keep up on a given band's status.
This is basically me, except I don't listen to as much music as you. I just don't have the time to keep up, even with the bands I know and love. If I hear about an upcoming release, I note it in a google doc I make each year to keep track of things for my year-end list. Sometimes I forget about it until well after it's released, even if it's a band I love. I guess it's just not a priority for me any more.

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