Re: 'Surprise' releases: Yay or nay?

Date:2019-05-10 19:04:31
In Reply To:Re: 'Surprise' releases: Yay or nay? by CarvinMan
I think it can only work well for bands that already have a built in fanbase, that is actively in tune with the band's activity and anticipating something new.

In these current times, when releasing an album is akin to releasing "a snowflake in a snowstorm", it seems to me that any band trying to be successful has to be doing months of promotion and news updates to build awareness and anticipation.

Remember when Avenged Sevenfold did a surprise album? Sales were poor and way down from their last record.
Not going to like. I like the surprise new and awesome band with their first release that comes out of nowhere. Of course that’s a rarity these days
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