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Author:Thy Sentinel
Date:2019-05-10 17:56:38
In Reply To:Re: Falcon is awesome. by TW
I think Sneap was a last minute replacement at the time. I’m curious if the band will continue.
Given the success of Firepower, they are likely to.
I read the KK book. It’s hard to believe that he was “snubbed” his entire career. I mean come on dude. I get some of the issues he had later on with management and all but this dude was 1/3 of why the band existed the way it did. I never recalled anyone not recognizing that.
I'm not saying that. He is saying that. Which is rather petty. I was left with a very sad feeling, having finished the book.
Making Nostradamus a theatrical production was also ludicrous. Especially since almost nobody liked that album.

I’m on the fence with it as far as him coming back. I mean if he came back on fire and could still bring it on stage. I’m all for an original member coming back. Ritchie could always do Glenn’s parts. On another note Glenn getting Parkinson’s is a very sad story. I wouldn’t wish that disease on my worst enemy. Maybe if KK comes back Glenn could still participate in the writing process. The first song on Firepower is one of the best they have ever written. They are on the right track with that album.

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