Re: 'Surprise' releases: Yay or nay?

Date:2019-05-10 16:17:56
In Reply To:'Surprise' releases: Yay or nay? by Nosferatwo
Here's a question for you all; as listeners, how do you feel about 'surprise' releases?

There's an album that was announced as happening not long ago I put at the top of my anticipated list. I found out yesterday that, with no promotion whatsoever, and without a single having been put out, it's being released on Tuesday.

That got me thinking about the practice of dropping records out of the blue. From the band's perspective, unless you're a huge name that can guarantee press, I struggle to see the advantage of this strategy. Smaller bands, or newer ones as is the case I'm talking about, don't have enough fans or word of mouth to inject their record into the discussions and publications already happening. And without releasing any sort of teaser track to start the process of generating interest, it feels like a recipe for disaster.

But as a listener, I should be more excited to get the music faster, and yet I'm not. The anticipation of getting a release date, then a single, then counting down the days for more, has an appeal to it. The music feels more disposable when it comes so quickly, and the artists themselves seem to be putting no effort into making it a success.

Sometimes this is always best. You don’t have a chance to build up any expectations. I like the been Steel Prophet and Possessed albums. Even doing my radio show not much was mentioned. So when i saw them coming out I was able to check them out.

I like surprise albums myself.
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