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Author:Chris F5
Date:2019-05-10 15:05:18
In Reply To:Re: I used to have the same opinion by T.J. Swoboda
T.J. Swoboda proclaimed:
Chris F5 proclaimed:
See Russ' post below
His voice matured and is very listenable on this disk
(grabs chest)
It's not that uncommon where a vocalist matures and changes a bit and becomes more listenable.

For many people Geddy Lee is just that.
While I never had an issue with the hamster on helium style pre Permanent Wavws,if he didn't change his style on that album I doubt Rush gets as big as they did from that album on to he one or the world's most successful bands

I know personally with my girlfriend when cannot tolerate any of the older albums other than the outleir songs such as "The Trees"(and she is from Hamilton Ontario so she was born with progressive nipples)but loves most of the later stuff(in an ironic twist she loves the last 2 as that is how she discovered Rush and I am still quite meh on those 2)

So its possible

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