Re: What are you talking about?

Date:2019-05-10 11:00:54
In Reply To:Re: What are you talking about? by Thy Sentinel
Believe it or not I like Redeemer better from a songwriting perspective than Firepower. Now if it only had Firepower’s production it would have been absolutely killer.
I will go ahead and agree. ON AVERAGE Redeemer had slightly better songs than Firepower. But Redeemer's low points are lower than Firepower ("Metalizer," "Secrets of the Dead," god-awful "Cold Blooded," etc.) and if I were to make top five tracks between the two of them it would be

Traitors Gate
Tears of Blood
Halls of Valhalla
Sword of Damocles
No Surrender

But, as we both well know, the production and the sound of Redeemer can't hold the candle to Firepower. Sneap made Rob sound twenty years younger. That alone deserves recognition.
Don’t remember if you’re a fan of Turbo but I actually like it.
Last year I have re-listened to it, and it's not as awful as I remember it. In fact, some songs are excellent, especially "Out in the Cold." But the synth-pop sound hurt it mightily.

As I’ve gotten older when I revisit bands or albums I originally didn’t like back in the day. I’m finding that I like some of them now. Turbo is one such record.
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