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Date:2019-05-10 10:15:39
In Reply To:Re: Falcon is awesome. by Thy Sentinel
Odd question. Would you want Downing to come back and have you read his book? What did you think of you did?
I did read KK's book and he comes across petty and whiney. "I was snubbed for my entire career in Priest and always shied away from confrontation with Glenn because that's how the kind of a person I am. Now I am out of the band and can talk trash all day long, but still they should invite me back." In some places he is downright delusional, like saying that they should've had a full scale theatrical production of Nostradamus in its entirety. Like anybody would actually watch it. Nostradamus ain't exactly Ring of the Nibelungs or even Operation Mindcrime.

The only thing that warrants respect is that KK never did drugs, not even in the 80s. That's extremely cool.

Would I want him to come back? Well, yes and no. On one hand, he is one of my favorite guitar players ever and a vital part of Priest's image. Faulkner + Sneap << prime Tipton + Downing (with all due respect to Falcon). On the other hand, there is no prime Tipton and Downing anymore. They are both old and Glenn is a shell of himself. Faulkner is a better player than KK at this point in time. KK replacing Glenn (or rather Sneap) would not work either, because Faulkner was hired in part because he looks like young KK. Having two KKs would look extremely awkward.

To be honest, I wish they replaced Glenn would someone with a little more charisma than Sneap. Like Gus G or something. But at this point that's fine. Falcon is doing great live and the songs speak for themselves.

"Traitors Gate" SLAYS!

I think Sneap was a last minute replacement at the time. I’m curious if the band will continue.

I read the KK book. It’s hard to believe that he was “snubbed” his entire career. I mean come on dude. I get some of the issues he had later on with management and all but this dude was 1/3 of why the band existed the way it did. I never recalled anyone not recognizing that.

Making Nostradamus a theatrical production was also ludicrous. Especially since almost nobody liked that album.

I’m on the fence with it as far as him coming back. I mean if he came back on fire and could still bring it on stage. I’m all for an original member coming back. Ritchie could always do Glenn’s parts. On another note Glenn getting Parkinson’s is a very sad story. I wouldn’t wish that disease on my worst enemy. Maybe if KK comes back Glenn could still participate in the writing process. The first song on Firepower is one of the best they have ever written. They are on the right track with that album.
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