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Date:2019-05-10 00:55:31
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Call Firepower what it is.....not a terrible a great record. However the fanbase was so desperate for a "return to form" they become blinded by the stellar production which clouds the subpar songwriting.
What "return to form"? If anything, "return to form" was Redeemer, after the boring-ass Nostradamus, which most Priest fans rank below Ram It Down. Firepower was a step up from Redeemer for its absolutely perfect production.
Believe it or not I like Redeemer better from a songwriting perspective than Firepower. Now if it only had Firepower’s production it would have been absolutely killer.
Its not a terrible record but its about as mediocre as you can be. I haven't liked much by them since Painkiller.
That's your problem. Priest fans are pretty happy, and that's who the band makes these albums for. Why would they try to make albums for people who haven't liked anything by them in 30 years?
I actually like Jugulator. Does that count? 😜

When i listen to a bands new album i also go back and listen to their past work for some perspective on how the new one compares. Most of the albums after Painkiller were mediocre at best.

The one strength Priest has always had whether you love or hate their albums.....they really haven't made the same album twice. Maybe the closest this every happened was with Defenders of the Faith and Screaming for Vengeance.
Here is where I will agree with you. They never made the same album twice. Unlike, say, one band you are a huge fan of.

I could argue this with you but you wouldn’t agree with me anyway sk theres no point. 😜

However very few bands have accomplished what Judas Priest has in the sense they can make sometimes completely different sounding albums yet still stay relevant and for the most part at least for most of their releases....consistent. The closest they came to making the same album was screaming for vengeance and Defenders if the Faith. The latter was a lot more polished and they were still very different records.

Don’t remember if you’re a fan of Turbo but I actually like it.
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