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That Abstrakt Algebra II, is that just those Dactylis Glomerate tracks?
I don't know. I've only heard about the 1st one, and while I've enjoyed Sting's solo work, I realize I've never listened to recordongs by the others.
Hold on, wait, what?

Uhm...the Abstrakt Algebra album, that's Leif Edling...after Candlemass that was his solo thing...Mats Leven sang. The Candlemass album "Dactylis Glomerata" (which had no Candlemass members other than Edling) was supposed to be the second Abstrakt Algebra, but the label wouldn't release it, unless it was Candlemass, so Leif buckled. Michael Amott is on it too. The reissue supposedly has the initial recordings for AAII; Leven sang on those.
Hahaha... Since the mid-80s I thought Absract Algebra was a band formed by a member of the Police. TIL, that's totally fucking wrong. Haha

Candlemass is one of my favorite bands, so I've gotta check 'em out. Sorry for being clueless, it's one of my endearing qualities.

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