Re: if only...

Author:Thy Sentinel
Date:2019-05-09 20:28:10
In Reply To:Re: if only... by von
He's right. They don't rule. They don't play the shit right. You can be a fanboy all you want, but get the shit out of your ears.
The only one with the shit in your ears (and veins) is you.

I'm aware that at this point I am a sucker. I still pay these assholes over and over just to hear those deep cuts, and I'm going again next week, but at least I'm not delusional or done-deaf to convince myself that they are still the perfect machine of a band they were decades ago. I'll still pay, but they should have retired long ago, when they said they would. The new records are fucking stupid mush for most indiscriminate mob, and live they just bait us with deep cuts, and dumb suckers like me still bite. It's sad, but I still go to hear those rare songs that most of the audience just blinks their eyes at.
Their new album is the best thing to come out of England since Painkiller (after, maybe, Prince of the Poverty Line). There, I said it.

Nobody expects them to be a machine, after 40 years on stage. Rob and Ian are old, and Glenn is a ghost. But Falcon is amazing and Scott is still the best drummer in business.

Like Guil said, haters are gonna hate.


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