Re: PM:X2 Thorsday Soundoff - 9 May

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2019-05-09 16:09:50
In Reply To:PM:X2 Thorsday Soundoff - 9 May by Brian Taylor
Abstrakt Algebra - Abstrakt Algebra II
The first one has Wead. Hence, the first one is better. But, it's also probably worse than any album Wead actually wrote.
Diamond Head - Lightning to the Nations
Just spun this last night, on the way to see Doro and Metal Church (who both kinda sucked.)
Hellion - Screams in the Night
I only own Black Book, and kinda don't want to pay what I'd have to to get these earlier ones.
Spirit Adrift - Curse of Conception
They're coming to Philly pretty soon. Looking forward to it.
Virgin Steele - Hymns to Victory
Virgin Steele - Life Among the Ruins
Ripping my VS discs RIGHT NOW. I didn't own Noble Savage or Life Among the Ruins, so I ordered them. I don't think I've ever actually heard LAtR.

My shiz:

Unbirth - Promo 2011. Something John Frank gave me. Well, something I accidentally grabbed along with some other CDRs from his pile of misfit discs. Tech death, but not very special.

Shok Paris - Steel and Starlight. The best album from the best band from Cleveland. I fucking love this shit.

Slaughter House - Face Reality. Highly inessential thrash from NJ. The cover is funny.

Whiplash - Insult to Injury. The best Whiplash, and also the silliest.

While Heaven Wept - "To Wander the Void" I think after I watched one of the Arch/Matheos promo vids, I queued this up, as it's basically the only Arch-clone vocal performance I can think of. Great tune.

Withering Surface - Ichor. Clearly I was slumming around in the Ws. A fine EP, though.

Death Angel - The Ultra-Violence. Saw them opening for Overkill a week or two ago, and they played the title track, which inspired this listen.

Opeth - My Arms, Your Hearse, Still Liee. MAYH remains my fave by a lot. I also like Morningrise a lot, but those first two albums might as well be a different band. Still Life continues to sound like a very dull retread of MAYH. Never understood the love for this, or Blackwater Park. They're weak copies.

Leprous - Malina. Been a few weeks. I was due.

Vectom - Speed Revolution, Rules of Mystery. Mediocre German speed metal. I guess I like RoM better, if only for the vox.

Nik Bärtsch's Ronin - Llyrìa, Rea, Holon, Awase, Live (2012). Still man-crushing on the Swiss samuari.

Baroness - Purple. Getting pumped for the new one.

Master's Hammer - The Jilemnice Occulist. Haven't listened to this in AGES. The keys and weird orchestration make it.

Magma - Flöë ëssi/Ëktah. Just a couple tunes. Inspired to listen by the trailer they released for the upcoming Zëss.

Arch/Matheos - Winter Ethereal. Only two spins in, but I'm digging it. Matheos seems to have put a little more effort into his riff-writing. Arch is genius as usual. I appreciate that the rhythm section isn't the FW one, too.

Cannonball Adderley - Vienna 1972. A grey-area radio broadcast release with great sound and an astounding set. This is the closest Cannonball came to the full-on electric Miles sound. George Duke absolutely slays the Rhodes. This is overall similar to the officially-released Black Messiah, but I vastly prefer this show to that one, which was recorded only a few months later.

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