Date:2019-05-09 14:56:32
In Reply To:Re: by von

I also think a Chris hates Arch’s voice more than you do. Honestly it doesn’t bother me anymore. The album is really good though and for some reason I like his voice on this stuff than I did in the early days of Fates Warning
I think one of our first big arguments here was over Arch, with Chris and you on one side and me, being a big admirer of Arch and his tenure in Fates Warning, in the opposite corner. If I recall, it was a brawl, haha. And here we are:)
I just interviewed John for my radio show.....he actually doesn't like the way his voice sounds on Awaken the Guardian.

Also as guys get better at singing and get older they also become better at what they do. I still like Ray better than him but these last two Arch Matheos albums are money and really nail it.

I actually told him I used to not like his vocals but I do now. BTW, the guy is an awesome person to talk to.
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