Re: Il Cannone coming to Columbus Ohio next week

Date:2019-05-08 14:57:15
Edited:2019-05-08 16:01:50
In Reply To:Il Cannone coming to Columbus Ohio next week by Joe-×
Joe-× proclaimed:
I'll be out of town, but I'd love to hear it played in person on May 15th. Loge B $102. Cheap.
Sounds like a fun show, unfortunately I'm not familiar with Il Cannone. More importantly, driving three hours to a weekday show is simply too much for my battered body. I struggle with Pittsburgh, and Cleveland concerts, and they're half that distance. Then again, we gear most of the classical gigs to the weekends, so we can make a day of it. It helps our enjoyment of the music, and life in general. It's why I really like the Pittsburgh opera. Close to some nice hotels, and fine dining. McDonald's goes well with Puccini.
If any weekend shows become available, please post them here.

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