Re: If only they were still capable of playing it

Author:Casual Observer
Date:2019-05-08 03:01:57
In Reply To:Re: If only they were still capable of playing it by TW
So who's worse in your eyes....Janick Gers or Faukner?
Well, Gers obviously. When he was actually plugged in for the live shows (before Smith returned) he butchered the harmonies and mangled the solos with his sloppy technique. Today he is simply an unnecessary clown and a waste of jet fuel. He's as critical to their live performance as a juggler or bearded lady. Take him away and Iron Maiden simply revert to their classic line-up. Now who honestly wouldn't want that?

The Faulkner situation is different. Despite wearing sunglasses on stage and the stupid posing and the stupid 'you and me are bros' gestures to the crowd, he's a decent guitarist who now has to play both the trickier KK (*cough*) and Tipton parts because Sneap can't play lead for shit. Take Faulkner away and all you're left with is two pensioners, a barista and a guy who non-fans could easily assume was the same drummer jailed for child-sex offences.

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