Date:2019-05-07 17:15:52
Edited:2019-05-07 17:35:06
In Reply To:Re: by Guillaume
Guillaume proclaimed:
Ram It Down is usually put down because it had that electronic 80s pop Turbo production. Had it been recorded with a "Painkiller sound", it would have been The Painkiller, i.e: The Album That Turned It Around, or "The Return to Form."
No way. Most songs from Painkiller are much better than those on Ram It Down. Ram It Down has a few killer songs, but many average ones. Painkiller is pretty excellent throughout.
I'm not very fond of Love Zone, Love You to Death and the cover, but pound for pound it's about the same to me.
But obviously, I'm clueless and tone-deaf so who am I to say?

And BTW, a self-admitted expert like you didn't notice that a major part of the appeal of Painkiller and a major fact who had Priest be relevant again for the metal crowd was the "modern" drumming of Scott Travis, major improvement over Dave Holland's?
It's actually a drum machine. Of course Scott Travis is much better.

The question of a more technical, vibrant drummer ("possibly from the thrash field" was the exact quote) re-invigorating Priest was directly brought up immediately following the release of Ram It Down in a Kerrang! retrospective. They obviously took note. This, together with the crisp, sharp Tsangarides production was the key of re-charging Judas Priest career. Had those elements been present on Ram It Down, the album would done for them what Painkiller had. Anything else?
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