Date:2019-05-07 16:45:16
Edited:2019-05-07 16:50:14
In Reply To:Re: by von
Ram It Down is usually put down because it had that electronic 80s pop Turbo production. Had it been recorded with a "Painkiller sound", it would have been The Painkiller, i.e: The Album That Turned It Around, or "The Return to Form."
No way. Most songs from Painkiller are much better than those on Ram It Down. Ram It Down has a few killer songs, but many average ones. Painkiller is pretty excellent throughout. But obviously, I'm clueless and tone-deaf so who am I to say?

And BTW, a self-admitted expert like you didn't notice that a major part of the appeal of Painkiller and a major fact who had Priest be relevant again for the metal crowd was the "modern" drumming of Scott Travis, major improvement over Dave Holland's?
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