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Date:2019-05-07 14:02:08
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JFC. Heading Out To The Highway is just awful. Halford is all over the place. Clearly he couldn't give a shit about getting any aspect of the song correct. Faulkner has added his own unnecessary flourishes including a solo that never existed. I can't believe people are willing to pay to see this second rate tribute act when they used to sound like this. They're ripping the fans off.
Haters gotta hate. I saw this tour twice last year and both show were awesome. They change the songs A LOT in the setlist for every leg of the tour which is really impressive for an old dude like Halford.

Ripping the fans? 2nd rate tribute act? Haha! Just don't go. Priest still rules and fuck the haters.
He's right. They don't rule. They don't play the shit right. You can be a fanboy all you want, but get the shit out of your ears.
Right back at you on this!!
I'm aware that at this point I am a sucker. I still pay these assholes over and over just to hear those deep cuts, and I'm going again next week, but at least I'm not delusional or done-deaf to convince myself that they are still the perfect machine of a band they were decades ago. I'll still pay, but they should have retired long ago, when they said they would. The new records are fucking stupid mush for most indiscriminate mob, and live they just bait us with deep cuts, and dumb suckers like me still bite. It's sad, but I still go to hear those rare songs that most of the audience just blinks their eyes at.
Who ever said they were as great as they were decades ago? Stop being the sucker and stop going to their live shows if they seem to suck so much to you. At this point of their career, at the age they are, yes they still RULE, even though they're not as great as in the 70s and 80s. If you can't live with that fact, go have a nice party with CO, you seem to share many views...

And talking of tone-deaf people, by shitting so much on Firepower like you love to do every occasion, I'm wondering who really is. Cause this album has been praised by more than the majority of the people who heard it. I know many metalheads who had not enjoyed a Priest album since Painkiller and who love Firepower, which is a killer album, I'll say it again. But for the vons of the world, the Mr. Know-it-all in metal, we're just dumb and don't know our shit, of course.

BTW, you really have a way to interact with people let me tell you... If you still have a beef from the last time we "interacted" here, your problem man. Live with it.
The title track to Painkiller is excellent even if it was done in an attempt to redeem themselves after stumbling with Turbo (solid album, but hurt their fanbase), the Top Gun fiasco, and then their fumbling return to form on Ram it Down (though Blood Red Skies is killer). Painkiller, One Shot at Glory, Nightcrawler, Touch of Evil, Between the Hammer and the Anvil, and Battle Hymn are stellar.

I haven't really liked anything since then, aside from the song Cathedral Spires, until Firepower. Sure Firepower isn't SFV, or DOTF, or their golden era (SWOD through UITE), but it's solid and damned enjoyable.

I've spun Firepower more times than anything Priest has released since Painkiller (and that includes the Ripper stuff)*. If Firepower turns out to be their curtain call then Rob and company will leave the stage on a glorious high note.

* - I'm not including Halfords, or Tipton's solo project(s). I really enjoyed Fight's WOW, and Halford's Resurrection. Those two still have more plays than Firepower.
You and I have the exact same opinion here. So much so I have nothing to add but to tell you that.
Same opinion? Not what I read above. Don't recall Russ saying it has mediocre songwriting or it being a turd...
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