I can relate

Date:2019-05-07 02:21:18
In Reply To:Re: by Matt Johnsen
Dude, you're a Dane and you know about Johnny Rebel...I bet you know those "nagger" David Allen Coe and Hank Jr. songs, too...

My ex grew up in a crazy racist northern family, that's all they talked about and listened to. Now they have three new black grandchildren in the clan, hahaha.
About 20 years ago, my racist brother gave me a Johnny Rebel CD and asked to burn a copy of it. Rarely have I been so ashamed of my family. I threw out the disc and never mentioned it again.

My dad's side of the family were all racist pigs. My grandmother disowned me because I dated a Hispanic woman. Sad but true. I never went to her funeral and wanted nothing to do with her. Blood is overrated....a POS is a POS.
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