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Date:2019-05-06 17:20:47
Edited:2019-05-06 17:35:38
In Reply To:Re: if only... by Guillaume
Guillaume proclaimed:
I don't talk about the "majority". I talk about devoted metalheads, true music fans, and some that "dissect" music like you seem to do! People that listen to underground stuff, not just Metallica or Maiden! Fuck Vanilla Ice. This has nothing to do with this. Same for Trump.
Yes it does. It has everything to do with that. It's about standards. Too many people at the Priest shows only come alive during Breaking the Law, Living after Midnight, You Got Another Thing Coming. But it's like that at any show. Majority likes the hits. That's all they know. Underground majority, which is supposed to be more discerning, will eat anything as long as it "pleases the fans", ie: formula. Most people thought Resurrection was not a half-assed calculated manipulation and insult to us, but instead a "return
to form". I was appalled at that clumsy masquerade. Majority, even the "underground" majority, thought Firepower was return to the glory days. When I point out it sounds like a paint-by-numbers formulated attempt on "giving the fans what they want" I'm usually accused of being a cynical downer, but more than that-people take it personally and get very defensive, because ultimately to them by undermining their delight I'm questioning their judgement and intelligence. That's right, I am. Won't make me any new friend, but honesty and truth are not very popular commodities among shiny happy people. I get to be honest and keep the old ones, and that's what matters.
I'm glad to be able to discuss with one of the few "elite" members of the metal crew, one with the higher standards, and who has a superior judgement and intelligence! LOL!
It's my pleasure, my humble purpose is to question and educate. Help others to ascent from the swamp of mediocrity to higher ideals;)
It's nice to know you have such a high opinion of yourself vs the others. But also sad at the same time. Guess that makes me glad to not be in your inner circle of friends cause I really don't like elitists...
I understand. No one likes some smart-ass pointing out the flaws in the matrix. Hurts the egos.
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