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Date:2019-05-06 13:20:29
In Reply To:Re: if only... by Russ
The title track to Painkiller is excellent even if it was done in an attempt to redeem themselves after stumbling with Turbo (solid album, but hurt their fanbase), the Top Gun fiasco, and then their fumbling return to form on Ram it Down (though Blood Red Skies is killer). Painkiller, One Shot at Glory, Nightcrawler, Touch of Evil, Between the Hammer and the Anvil, and Battle Hymn are stellar.

I haven't really liked anything since then, aside from the song Cathedral Spires, until Firepower. Sure Firepower isn't SFV, or DOTF, or their golden era (SWOD through UITE), but it's solid and damned enjoyable.

I've spun Firepower more times than anything Priest has released since Painkiller (and that includes the Ripper stuff)*. If Firepower turns out to be their curtain call then Rob and company will leave the stage on a glorious high note.
You're one of the people I was referring too in my reply. Many are like you and that's why Firepower seems to be their most successful release in many many years.

* - I'm not including Halfords, or Tipton's solo project(s). I really enjoyed Fight's WOW, and Halford's Resurrection. Those two still have more plays than Firepower.
Resurrection is also a killer album for me that I still play. I enjoyed the 1st Fight as well.
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