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Date:2019-05-06 05:14:45
In Reply To:Re: if only... by Guillaume
Guillaume proclaimed:
Who ever said they were as great as they were decades ago? Stop being the sucker and stop going to their live shows if they seem to suck so much to you. At this point of their career, at the age they are, yes they still RULE, even though they're not as great as in the 70s and 80s.

The don't still RULE. You're just too generous. Difference is: you have kind of a fanboy approach - it all pretty much sounds great to you. I am in way no less devoted to this music than you, but I dissect and discern things to a detail. I catch everything. To you it's just entertainment, to me it's more than this. I call it how it is. That seems to send you into fits of misplaced anger, it appears.
If you can't live with that fact, go have a nice party with CO, you seem to share many views...
Like what, for example? Aside from this one thing, like what?

And talking of tone-deaf people, by shitting so much on Firepower like you love to do every occasion, I'm wondering who really is. Cause this album has been praised by more than the majority of the people who heard it. I know many metalheads who had not enjoyed a Priest album since Painkiller and who love Firepower, which is a killer album, I'll say it again.
Majority doesn't mean always right. People loved Vanilla Ice. People voted for Trump. Doesn't mean that the mob knows best.
But for the vons of the world, the Mr. Know-it-all in metal, we're just dumb and don't know our shit, of course.
Von just doesn't put up with shit. Many metalheads can't make a single musical note. Doesn't mean you have to be a musician to appreciate music, but it adds to appreciation.

BTW, you really have a way to interact with people let me tell you... If you still have a beef from the last time we "interacted" here, your problem man. Live with it.
I interact just fine. I don't even think I had a problem with you, really. We disagree in our assessments on things - but that's nothing terrible: again, I think you're too generous in a fanboy kinda way, but we also agree on a lot of things. I certainly never had a shit fit over when you don't agree with me.
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