Re: What difference does it make? The world doesn't revolve around me.

Date:2019-05-05 20:21:43
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Offensiveness is in the eye of the offended.

Gentile. Goyim. I know people who are offended by those words and would call them racial slurs. I don't care about those words, and I think it's silly to be offended by them.

Cracker. Same thing. Doesn't bother me. I use it to describe myself and generally toss in a couple pasty peckerwoods and whatnot.

I don't see the Confederate flag as a symbol of racial oppression. Others do. I don't own one. I don't fly one. I'm not from the south. I don't have a heritage or whatever reason to have it.

BDS folks see the Israeli flag as a symbol of racial oppression. Eno. Roger Waters. Lots of others. I don't. But I don't own one or fly one. No heritage there either. Other people see the very existence of BDS as anti-semitism. I can't keep up with all the rules. Aesthetically, I like the look of the flag, but that's the only feeling that I have about it.

I don't believe in race. I think it's an invented construct. But I recognize that many people do and have used it as a reason/excuse to hate others. I do try to avoid being offensive regarding the language of race, and I am shocked when others use the words. I know that "zionist" is a magical word that supporters of the concept can use to describe themselves that others are not allowed to use to describe them. Seeing me type it in the last sentence could cause you to have a meltdown. I don't know. I think I used it once 10 years ago on this forum, and you called me a white supremacist, so I'm sensitive to your feelings and avoid the usage now.

What's clear is that the justified anger that you feel about Nazis hasn't led you to develop a certain empathy for others who are hated for different reasons. If metal fans (black metal or otherwise) direct a certain animus towards Christians, you feel nothing. Other than similar feelings animated by a sense that maybe they have it coming to them.

You're a strange fellow with your own unique hates that you don't recognize and for which you won't apologize or temper.

I do believe that if an anti-Christian genocide took place, you would be a zealous intellectual collaborator/supporter of it. If a Christian hid in your residence and a mob of fervent anti-Christians were marching at random down your street with no particular interest in you or your unwelcome guest, I believe that you would open your door and call them in to do the needful without hesitation. And I believe that's true even if it were someone you knew like me or Alex.

Likewise, I believe that if the communist revolution took place and the new founded government were to conduct wholesale purges of all rich people and a bolshevik mob were marching down the streets of Atlanta during a progpower that you were at (hey it's hypothetical) and the mob ignored all the dirty heavy metal people for looking shabbily poor that you would make an effort to point out any rich people in your midst. Including and especially Nick Van Dyk.

Seriously. Call yourself a philanthropist all you want. And wallow in the justified anger towards antisemites. I've got no problem with that. But you've got a hateful streak in you that runs deep same as any racist.

Back to your other question - No. You can't know. Racists appropriate symbols:

That was such a good post I had to read it twice:)
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