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Date:2019-05-05 17:10:01
Edited:2019-05-05 17:10:52
In Reply To:Re: If only they were still capable of playing it by Guillaume
Guillaume proclaimed:
JFC. Heading Out To The Highway is just awful. Halford is all over the place. Clearly he couldn't give a shit about getting any aspect of the song correct. Faulkner has added his own unnecessary flourishes including a solo that never existed. I can't believe people are willing to pay to see this second rate tribute act when they used to sound like this. They're ripping the fans off.
Haters gotta hate. I saw this tour twice last year and both show were awesome. They change the songs A LOT in the setlist for every leg of the tour which is really impressive for an old dude like Halford.

Ripping the fans? 2nd rate tribute act? Haha! Just don't go. Priest still rules and fuck the haters.
He's right. They don't rule. They don't play the shit right. You can be a fanboy all you want, but get the shit out of your ears.

I'm aware that at this point I am a sucker. I still pay these assholes over and over just to hear those deep cuts, and I'm going again next week, but at least I'm not delusional or done-deaf to convince myself that they are still the perfect machine of a band they were decades ago. I'll still pay, but they should have retired long ago, when they said they would. The new records are fucking stupid mush for most indiscriminate mob, and live they just bait us with deep cuts, and dumb suckers like me still bite. It's sad, but I still go to hear those rare songs that most of the audience just blinks their eyes at.

That said, the non-existing solo on "Heading out to the Highway" has existed since at least Turbo Tour, and can be heard on Priest...Live.
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