Re: Getting back to music... why isn't anyone talking about Anthem?

Date:2019-05-05 17:02:34
Edited:2019-05-05 17:24:08
In Reply To:Getting back to music... why isn't anyone talking about Anthem? by Russ
Russ proclaimed:

Some serious shredliciousness

And what are their essential releases? I think they have like 18 between '85 and now...
People do talk about them, but most only know the newer stuff. The original Anthem and the Anthem of today are essentially two different band. I think the original Anthem may be the best Japanese band, along with early Loudness and Crowley circa-85-87.

My favorite albums are the original three:
"Bound to Break"...their best fucking album. Vocals are glorious Graham Bonnet-worship (who actually joined the band for an album of re-recordings around 2000) and music is killer Accept. Also their first one with Chris Tsangarides.
and self-titled+ Ready to Ride EP

Then the chemistry began to change. On "Gypsy Ways" and "Hunting Time" they got a different vocalist (the one they have now, has been on and off with them since then.) Original guitarist Hiroya Fukuda quit an album later, and was replaced by the current guy.

The guy who sang on the first three, Ezio Sakamoto, is a large part of the band's appeal to me, but only in tandem with Fukuda. He came back in the 2000s, after the Bonnet ordeal, but down the road has been replaced again by the same guy who replaced him in 88.
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