Date:2019-05-03 13:20:04
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Dude, you're a Dane and you know about Johnny Rebel...I bet you know those "nagger" David Allen Coe and Hank Jr. songs, too...

My ex grew up in a crazy racist northern family, that's all they talked about and listened to. Now they have three new black grandchildren in the clan, hahaha.
Haha.. I laughed soooooo hard at this. I've watched this series a few times; this kind of shit never gets old. I've always wondered what their interior dialogue would sound like? Did they evolve (like Democrats and atheists), or merely increase their situational filter (like Republicans and most religious types)?
It just embittered them even more. Like they got bamboozled, run amok by some giant squid conspiracy:D But they gotta to deal with it they do it by blasting country and waving Second Flag. Their favorite daughter spent 9 years living with half-a-kike, and they were sweet as pie to me. They genuinely liked me, because I treated their girl right. They were shocked when I told them that Skynyrd were signed and produced by a New York Jew, Al Kooper. Insane racist ignorance aside, they were kind people. You know they voted Trump.
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