Re: Metal and Nazis

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2019-05-03 13:14:32
In Reply To:Re: Metal and Nazis by Joe-×
Sure and the Rhineland massacres were about Jewish moneylenders oppressing poor people through the power structures of usury.
Pretty sure that's an example of Christian power structures doing the oppressing, but maybe I'm missing your point?
Sounds to me like you're just rationalizing your anti-Christian sentiments.
I suppose that's possible, but I don't think so.
Christianity has lacked the power structures to oppress non-Christians for centuries.
If black metal addressed the past from an Iron Maiden styled historical point of view, your argument would hold more weight. I'm not an adherent of Hinduism, but I wouldn't hide behind a false claim that an anti-Hindu hate metal album that I'd written was about the -ism and not its practitioners.
No one would care about anyone's religion if that religion wasn't used as a weapon of political control. I think Hinduism is exactly as ridiculous as Christianity (or Scientology for that matter), but I certainly can't speak with any firsthand knowledge of how Hinduism is wielded as a cudgel in, say, India. But if there are anti-Hindu black metal albums in existence, it's a safe bet that they've all been made by people who live under the shadow of Hindu oppression. Same goes for Islam, for that matter. I'm sure there's a black metal band in Tunisia or whatever who are the anti-Islam equivalent of Deathspell Omega, and there are probably anti-Judaism (if it's possible to conceive of such a thing that doesn't come with the racial baggage of what we usually call anti-Semitism) black metal bands in Israel. It might be that both of these bands express themselves in such a way as to directly target the adherents of these faiths, but the motivation is not personal but systemic.
Black metal and other forms of anti-Christian hate metal is motivated by angry dudes mad at judgmental Christians, not some abstract system of beliefs that they don't even understand. The hate is just basic displacement.
This could well be true for any specific black metal band, and there are obviously LOTS of juvenile, bigoted dudes out there in shitty bands, but the phenomenon of anti-religious black metal is a product of religion's pervasive and cancerous political extrusions. It's not "love thy neighbor" that people object to.

Also: most Christians don't understand Christianity, and if they did, probably there'd be a lot less satanic black metal.

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