Re: and now for something completely different- what the fuck is HE talking about?

Date:2019-05-03 12:22:47
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This whole thing is a sad state of affairs for a band that, many many years ago, had a respectable grasp of making a quality effort.

It's not new by any stretch, but Joey has turn into a full-fledged bullshit artist. It's embarrassing, actually.

I feel like they turned the B.S. level up to 10 (pun intended) around the time they released that Thunder in the Sky E.P. That was supposed to be a prelude to some grand, epic series of albums, even supposedly grander than Gods of War. That never materialized, however. Then, some years later, we get The Lord of Steel, which is hands-down the worst album they've ever released.

Then, they claimed they were retiring. Even Adams was towing that line in a hunting interview I happened to watch.

Now, they're back with yet more grand claims. First (as of last year) they were working on a new album. Now, that has become another one of Joey's overreaching yet underachieving projects. Too big and too power to fit on one album, apparently:

“The sheer power of these four songs is mind-blowing! We simply couldn’t release more songs at one time; it’s just too much!” says Joey DeMaio.

Haha, yeah right! So let's talk about this new E.P. It's four "songs", one of which is an intro that any power metal artist could pen on a keyboard in their sleep. The second track is, I'm pretty sure, left over from The Lord of Steel as it has the same weak guitar and bass and overall lackluster feel. The third song - Sword of the Highlands - is actually solid, then the fourth track ..... you have one of the best power metal singers around in your band, but you decide to do the vocals yourself. Ugg.

So, basically, DeMaio scraped together the bare minimum from the bottom of the barrel and wrote maybe one new, real song then made that Final Battle I, II, III proclamation. I'll eat my hat if he actually has anything else ready to go, and furthermore he already stated in this 5/1 interview that he's got some other kind of project afoot. Kings of Metal? No. Kings of Overpromising? Most certainly.
Hold on, wait, what??? Am I taking crazy pills?

They didn't? It was all a dream? Why wouldn't it die already??? They had a fucking funeral for this thing?

Wait, that was an "interview"???

Are we gonna have to just sneak up on them and put them down???

But wait, there's more? What the fuck is this? He's fucking serious??? Oh, wouldn't you love to hear the Scott Columbus chapter of this true tale? I'm sure the Karl Logan portion is the only thing that'll be more candid.

You have got to be fucking kidding me with this shit...

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