Joey thinks he's Wizard of Us, hahaha.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Fucking insane. And some stupid assholes will still call them "mighty" and rationalize this shit...

It's like that Monty Python parrot sketch..."He's not dead, he's just stunned...uhm, he's sleeping..."

I see a "supergroup" on the horizon: Joey, John Cyriis, and Vinnie Vincent - The Fucking Delusionals. First rehearsal ends up in a fistfight (Joey beats everyone up), and all the booked shows are canceled. Vinnie will hide in a barn for thirty years, then finally emerge as a duckbill platypus. Cyriis will reschedule tour with his version of The Delusionals, which will split up after a disastrous half-a-show. Joey will go on a spoken word tour in which he will omit the whole ordeal entirely.
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