Date:2019-05-03 00:25:14
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Joe-× proclaimed:
You really go down some strange tangents. Hatred and xenophobia preceded the existence of black metal.
Really? You think?
Clearly black metal has the problem worse than the other sub genres
"Clearly" it doesn't. Is there racist black metal? Yes. Is all black metal racist. NO. A hell of a lot of country music redneck hillbillies are racist as hell, but not all country is racist. Deny it if you like, it doesn't change the Truth.
Why is this so difficult to grasp. Seems to me that you're denying the reality that black metal is rooted in hatred and the anti Semitic strain of that will naturally surface.
Black metal is rooted in metal. Anti-Semitism - or any racism - is a global phenomenon that has nothing to do with music.

Hardcore is supposed to be anti-racist, so is punk, yet the most racist music on the planet - RAC - is hardcore punk. But iss all hardcore racist? No. Is it all rooted in hate? No. Is hardcore a hateful music. Yes. What does it hate. Stupid cunts that got their heads in the sand. Just like black metal.

There is zero Roman in my DNA. I have empirical evidence of that. Keep slinging the hate.
You have no concept of what I'm saying, my Roman friend. Don't you know you were born the New Rome? Yes, the mythical America - where everyone from everywhere wants to come to for justice and truth - and then we find out that it's the same damn thing here. You need to see there's more to things than what you want them to be. Like little Siddhartra Gautama, you live in ignorance of its true surrounding - and while you're well fed in your sense of right and remain obstruent to the inconvenient truths, the awakening may never come. Enjoy your fenced little sandlot, while there's still sand to bury your head in. Peace and Love \/
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